Reference Books

Reference Books


American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, The
Peter Davies ed.
Dell Publishing Co., New York, 1974


Britannica Science Yearbook 1986
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chicago


Conran Directory of Design, The
Stephen Bailey ed.
Guild Publishing, London, 1985


Dictionary of Gaming, Modelling and Simulation
by G. I. Gibbs
E. & FN Spon Ltd., London, 1978


Dictionary of Philosophy, A
Peter A. Angeles
Harper & Row, London, 1981


Dictionary of the History of Science
Macmillan Press, London, 1983


Dictionary of the Social Sciences, A
Julius Gould and William L. Kolb editors
Tavistock Publications, London, 1964


Dictionnaire de Philosophie
Jacqueline Russ
Bordas, Paris, 1991


ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers (1745-1772)


Encyclopaedia Britannica
Fifteenth Edition, 1982


Encyclopaedia of 20th Century Design and Designers, The
Guy Julier
Thames and Hudson, London, 1993


Encyclopaedia of World Problems and Human Potential
edited by  Union of International Associations
K. G. Daur, München, Second Edition, 1986


Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought, The
Alan Bullock; Oliver Stallybrass and StephenTrombley eds.
Fontana Press, London, 1988


International Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences
The Free Press, New York, 1968


Key Concepts in Communication and Cultural Studies
Tim O'Sullivan et alii
Routledge, London, Second Edition, 1994


Keywords. A Vocabulary of Culture and Society
Raymond Williams
Fontana/Croom Helm, Glasgow, 1980


Keywords in Education
by K.T. Collins et alii
Longman, 1973


Longman Lexicon of Contemporary English
by Tom McArthur
Longman, Harlow, Essex, 1981


Oxford Companion to Philosophy, The
edited by Ted Honderich
Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1995


Radical Technology
Peter Harper, Godfrey Boyle and the editors of Undercurrents
Wildwood House, London, 1977


Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences, A
edited by Bert F. Hoselitz
The Free Press, New York, 1970


Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, The
Oxford University Press, Oxford, Third Edition, 1983


Webster's Third New International Dictionary
G. & C. Merriam, USA, 1981


Wordpower. An Illustrated Dictionary of Vital Words
by Edward de Bono
Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, 1987


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