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Clarification : summing up



Clarification  (^)

Clarification is the open recognition of two aspects:

  • where we are (situation)

  • where do we want to go (operation, combination)


These aspects can be clarified and brought into the open through the use of:

  • Check-List

  • Objective Tree



Check-List  (^)


A Check-List is an organized enumeration of items related to a situation, operation or combination of Modules (fields, factors, features).


A Check-List is mainly an aid for reconnaissance and verification as:

  • State List

  • Search List

  • Task List

It can also be used in order to:

  • compare results with requirements (see : Specification)

  • trigger off ideas (see : Ideation)



Objective Tree  (^)


An Objective Tree is a way of clarifying objectives and sub-objectives arranged in a hierarchical and temporal sequence.


The function of an objective tree is to express:

  • type of objectives (specificities)

  • weight of objectives (relevancies)

  • time sequence of objectives (priorities)



Clarification : summing up  (^)

Clarification is concerned with expressing in clear detail actual situations in order to prepare for possible/preferable ones through operations and combinations.

A good clarification avoid the risks of misunderstandings as to the way ahead that might occur as a result of failing to recognize the main aspects of the situation.

Clarification is a necessary preliminary step for Specification.