Evaluation : summing up




Evaluation  (^)


Evaluation is assessing a situation through Indicators with a view to performing operations on and combination of variables.


The aim of Evaluation is to assess if there is any gap between:

  • a situation as it is

  • a situation as it should be

The overcoming of this gap is the process of Problem Dealing.

The highlighting of this gap is achieved through the use of appropriate Indicators.



Indicators  (^)


Indicators are the expression of:

  • data/facts/concepts

  • concerning situations/operations/combinations

  • in relation to needs/values/norms


The function of Indicators is to:

  • highlight variables in a situation

  • point to variables for operation/combination

  • assess the acceptability/desirability of the (new) situation, operation, combination


According to the type of indicators or the area of intervention, Indicators are known as: social, economic, environmental, etc.


Indicators can be classified according to the function/s they are meant to perform, via the variable/s (= "it") examined, for example:

  • Indicators of State

       (how it is - where it is)

  • Indicators of Process/Progress

       (how and where it is - how and where it is moving to)

  • Indicators of Target

       (how and where it should be - how and where it should move to)

  • Indicators of Performance

       (how it has performed - how it is performing)


"It" refers to the variable/s under observation.



Evaluation : summing up  (^)

Evaluation is ever present in all the phases of Problem Dealing.

If Evaluation cannot be done properly (for instance, because of lack of data) or it reveals a poor rating of the solution (at the stage either of proposal or of implementation), what is needed is to resort again to Documentation.


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