Presentation : summing up



Presentation  (^)

Presentation is the preliminary laying out of bits of Information concerning entities under investigation.

Entities can be presented in terms of:

  • Definitions

  • Classifications

  • Functions



Definitions  (^)

Definitions are the denomination/differentiation of entities

The denomination/differentiation of entities is generally made by means of:

  • Exemplification (e.g. showing examples)

  • Characterization ( e.g. highlighting features)

  • Operationalization (e.g. describing functions)

The role of Definitions is to:

  • Convey Meanings (stress on clear and simple definition)

  • Deepen Understanding (stress on adequate and effective definition)

  • Increase Operativity (stress on precise and concise definition)



Classifications  (^)

Classifications are the categorization/systematization of entities.

The categorization/systematization of entities is usually made through:

  • Listing (e.g. features, functions)

  • Grouping (e.g. common features, occurrences)

  • Labelling (e.g. categories, classes)

The role of Classifications is to reduce complexity and increase mastery.

To do so a classification should be:

  • exhaustive (no omission in listing)

  • exclusive (no ambiguity in grouping)

  • effective (no superfluity in labelling)



Functions  (^)

Functions are the utilization/finalization of entities.

The utilization/finalization of entities is generally conveyed through the depiction of:

  • Uses

  • Effects

  • Links

The role of Functions is to illustrate:

  • common applications (uses)

  • likely consequences (effects)

  • plausible connections (links)



Presentation : summing up  (^)

Presentation is the preliminary focusing phase when vague entities under initial investigation are subjected to an increasing laying out in terms of

  • Definitions

  • Classifications

  • Functions

This Presentation phase prepares the way to a better worked out phase of Documentation.


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