Courses for Learning

Courses for Learning - Cours d'apprentissage - Corsi di istruzione



revised : January 2015

Altrascuola (Italiano)


BabelNation (Language Courses)


BookRags (Book Summaries, Study Guides)




CNED (Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance)


Construction Management Degree (USA)




Culinary Arts Colleges (USA)


Cursus: le répertoire de la formation à distance


Discover Business (Business, Finance, Accounting Degrees - USA)


Discovery Education


Education World


eLearners (Online Degrees and Colleges in the USA)


Family Nurse Practitioner Degrees (USA)


GreatDegree (Online Degrees and University Courses - USA)


Internet Public Library for Teens


Khan Academy


Learning German
Basic German Online Lessons:
Learn to speak German:


Learn Languages (English, German, Spanish)


Linguist, The (for learning languages)


Nursing Explorer (USA)


Online Nurse Practitioner Programs


Open Directory Distance Learning


Open Education Database (Courses in Science)


Smooph: Homework Help, Teacher Resources, Test Prep


Student Hub Resource Matrix


Study in France


Thot (formation à distance francophone)


Training Registry (USA and Canada)


Udemy (learning new skills online)


Virtual Training Suite


Windows to the Universe


World Wide Education