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Shopping - Acheter - Acquisti



revised : January 2015

Acheter moins cher


Add ALL (books)


All Shops


Bid it (Italiano)


Bizrate (Consumers advice on online vendors)


Buy Central (Italiano)


CHL (computers - Italiano)


Ciao! (English)


Compare Com (Auto Insurance)


CompariTech (Comparing consumer tech products and services)


Consumer World (consumers information)


Costameno (Italiano)


DealTime (comparing prices)


D-mail (Italiano)


Electronic Commerce (reviews from people)




Giovintage (Vintage accessories)


Mister Price (Italiano - computers)


NextTag (comparez les prix avant d'acheter)


Price Watch (computers)


ReviewCentre (reviews from customers)




Seconda Mano (Italiano)


SwapTree (Swap Books, Music, Movies , Games) (The Swiss price comparison)