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Universities & Colleges

Universities & Colleges - Universités & Écoles - Università & Scuole



revised : January 2015

A list of Colleges and Universities


Academic Info


Accredited Online Colleges Directory (USA)


Online College Database (USA)


Answers (Adult Education)


Barcelona, Universitat de


Berkeley, University of California


Bocconi, Università (Milano)


Brandeis University


California Institute of Technology


Cambridge University (England)


Colleges & Schools (USA)


Columbia University (New York)


Complutense, Universidad (Madrid)


Cornell University


Genève, Université de


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (London)


Lausanne, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne


Lyon, Université de


McGill University (Canada)


MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston)


Oxford University


Purdue University (Indiana - USA)


Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa - Italy)


Stanford University


Torino, Politecnico


University of London


University of Vaasa (Finland)


Yale University


Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology