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Periodicals & Journals

Periodicals & Journals - Périodiques & Revues scientifiques
Periodici & Riviste scientifiche



revised : January 2015

American Scientist


Arts & Letters daily


Atlantic monthly, The


British Library : Periodicals (A Guide)


Electronic Journals (Penn Library)




EuroWeb Online Kiosk (list of magazines)


First Monday


Free Pint


IngentaConnect (by subscription)


Interrogations (Revue pluridisciplinaire des sciences de l'homme et de la socièté)


Journal of Libertarian Studies


La Recherche


Library Journal Digital


MagPortal (Search Articles from Free Magazines)




New York Review of Books, The


New Scientist


Revues et Magazines d'aujourd'hui : guide des périodiques à l'intention des bibliothèques
Editions du Cercle de la Librairie, Paris


Serials in Cyberspace




Scientific American


Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice, The


Scivee: make your research known (pubcasts)


Wikipedia : Liste de revues scientifiques


Wikipedia : List of Scientific Journals